Bakare Oluwadamilola Bright

Hello, I am Bakare Oluwadamilola Bright

Social Media Management & Content Creation 

Short biography​

My name is Bakare Oluwadamilola Bright. I graduated from ESTAG SAINT CHRISTOPHER UNIVERSITY, Cotonou Benin Republic, with a degree in microbiology. Additionally, I hold a professional certificate in airline ticketing and reservation.

Currently, I am working in the field of social media management and content creation. What motivates me the most about my job is the opportunity to connect with people through various social media platforms. I am passionate about creating engaging and meaningful content that resonates with the audience and helps to build a strong online presence for individuals and businesses alike. The constantly evolving nature of social media and the ability to stay creative and innovative in my strategies keep me excited and driven in my career. I believe that through effective social media management, I can make a positive impact and contribute to the growth and success of the brands I work with.

Professional skills​

Social Media Management
Content Creation
Social skill


Social media
Content creation

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